Kongscut Land Trust
Swan Estate & Riley Parcel30
Parent Preserve117 acres
Birch Mountain Road
Glastonbury, CT
This is comprised of:
Description: Although these parcels were acquired at different times they adjoin one another and are administered as one. They are located west of Birch Mountain Rd. Glastonbury Conn., adjoining 4000 acres of Manchester Water Lands to the west & north. A CL&P high- tension power line crosses the property on a utility ROW, but KLT owns the underlying land. Also the Shenipsit Trail and several connector trails pass through these preserves. These trails are maintained by volunteers of Conn. Forest & Parks Assn. The Shenipsit Tr. continues north to Case Mountain in Manchester, and beyond. The Shenipsit Trail is intended for foot traffic only.
The property is entirely forest covered (oak-hickory) except for the power line ROW, which is maintained in early succession by CL&P. It lies in the upper watershed of Roaring Brook which feeds the Buckingham Reservoir.
Notable Features:
--- State champion witch hazel tree near the northern border.
--- Huge glacial erratic on top of the ridge ( Listed by Connecticut DEEP as Geocache site in 2010).
--- Beautifully constructed stonewalls on Swan estate parcel.
--- A major CL&P electric transmission line runs through it on a power line easement.
Conservation Purpose: Wildlife habitat and hiking trail system, contemplation of nature and nature study, study of glacial geology.
Deed Restrictions: Preserve in natural state for passive recreation and nature study: No building or construction, hunting, motor vehicles, except for power line maintenance.
Preserve Management: Trails maintained for foot traffic by CFPA.
Acquisition Date:
Acquisition History: The Riley Tract (88.4 ac) was by bequest from Bernice "Bunny" Swan in 1991. The land had been in her family ( Strickland) for many generations. The Swan estate parcel was given by Bernice Swan's heirs, Marian Sauter, Evelyn Chapman, and Donald Taylor. Evelyn Chapman's share was given in installments over an 11 year period beginning in 1998.

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