Kongscut Land Trust
Fern Hollow Preserve27
Parent Preserve11 acres
Wickham Road
Glastonbury, CT
This is comprised of:
Description: These three parcels totaling 10.85 acres were acquired at different times but are administered together. Also adjoining to the east is our Choma easement. The land is accessible from Wickham Road via a 20 foot wide access corridor which runs parallel to the rear lot driveway to 147 Wickham. There is no trail on our corridor. We walk in on the driveway. The land lies between Wickham Road and Chase Hollow lane near the headwaters of Hubbard Brook which flows through the property with extensive wetlands along the brook. It is completely forest covered with tall white pines on the upland areas, and red maple in the wetlands.
Notable Features:
Conservation Purpose: Protect Hubbard Brook
Deed Restrictions: None
Preserve Management: Standard policy applies.
Acquisition Date:
Acquisition History: The original four acre parcel was acquired as part of the Chase Hollow subdivision by T&M Homes in 1996-1999. The remainder was given by Mandel Custom Homes in 2000.

The Kongscut Land Trust, Inc. is a nonprofit land trust approved by the Internal Revenue Service to receive donations of land, money and conservation easements which are tax deductible to the maximum extent permitted by law. Donations or inquiries should be directed to the president or any other member of the Board of Directors.